We Stood At The Turning Point

“We Stood At The Turning Point” publishes articles reflecting the full diversity of experience and opinion found within the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. In determining content, the editor relies on the principles of the Twelve Traditions. “We Stood At The Turning Point” values the shared experience of individual AA members working the AA program and applying the principles of the Twelve Steps. Seeking neither to gloss over difficult issues, nor to present such issues in a harmful or contentious manner, “We Stood At The Turning Point” tries to embody the widest possible view of the AA Fellowship. To read the newsletter click here.

Disclaimer: The editor of “We Stood At The Turning Point ” reserves the right to accept or reject material for publication, based on the AA traditions. Note: this policy is consistent with that of the AA Grapevine. Articles are not intended to be statements of AA policy, nor does publication of any article constitute endorsement by either Alcoholics Anonymous or Cornwall AA district 50. Submissions are always welcome.

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District 50 Group Anniversaries as registered with GSO

695845                  Beginners Group                                          May 1, 2010
139779                  Big Book Discussion Group                       April 29, 1986
159086                  Centre City Group                                        October 25, 1989
678609                  Nooner Group                                               September 29, 2007
115624                  Seaway International Group                        October 17, 1972
130421                  Serenity Group                                              September 20, 1983
115626                  St. Columban's Group                                  October 25, 1965
115465                  Sunday Morning Group                                 March 23, 1977
115627                  Sunshine Group                                             January 14, 1949
139778                  Center City Grp                                              October 25, 1989
684918                  Safe Haven Group                                         April 19, 2008
724126                  East End Group                                             March 9, 2018
                                Living Life Group